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sme.africa is an online platform, geared towards supporting South African business owners and enabling them to grow their businesses. Let us be your trusted professional friend.

The following services are currently included for all members:

The Feed Module

A topic relevant to SME’s is addressed every month through various high-quality articles. We declutter all the nonsense and tell you what you need to know.

Simple steps to building a better business.
Includes free business templates.
Make use of special offers, exclusive to members.

The Expert Module

We have experts on call to give you an opinion on any business question you have. From accounting and tax to labour or legal issues - we have your back.

You ask it, we find the best expert to answer it.
Get feedback within 1 business day.
If you need more assistance, we’ll help you find the right expert at the right price.

The Collector Module

Collecting unpaid invoices remain one of the biggest challenges for SME’s. With this module, we help and guide you through the process to collect outstanding debt.

Avoid expensive legal fees, generate your own letters.
Reminders to send the right letter at the right time.
If that fails, we’ll help you to get a legal expert on your side.

The Market Module

Expose your products/services to a network of SME’s and also save on your own purchases by claiming special discounts on offer from other members.

List yourself on our virtual marketplace and promote your business.
Become part of a network of SME’s supporting one another.
Rate good service and find reputable suppliers.

The Lawyer Module

Small businesses and lawyers have never been good friends. They charge an arm and a leg and it is difficult to find the right one. We have the solution!

Get instant access to all the legal templates you might need in your business.
If you need more, connect with our legal experts online.
Enjoy preferential rates, exclusive to members.

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We understand the unique needs and challenges faced by SME’s and business owners. That’s why our platform will provide you with the solutions you need, in order to run your business more effectively, save you money and enable growth.



We give you access to the expert advice, opinions and guidance that you need to address challenges and take your business to next level.



We give you access to templates and tools to empower yourself in areas like debt collection and legal matters.



We connect you with like-minded SME’s, with potential customers and with our network of experts. This means more business and more savings.

Join hundreds of business owners and get access to tools that would normally cost you thousands every month!

R569.25 for unlimited access

per month (R495 + VAT)